Welcome to our page where we will discuss the backyard breeders, mostly in the
Spokane Washington area, this is so you do not make a mistake when purchasing a
Great Dane Puppy.
WARNING the backyard breeders in the Spokane and
surrounding area are changing their kennel names and trying to participate in
International dog shows to boost their puppy selling agenda, don't fall for it. Some are
also trying to enter AKC shows, only to not show up, this is so they can say they
show in AKC events, don't fall for it. Kennel name changes are so they cannot be
identified with their previous kennel name for the bad reputation they made for
themselves. Now about international and National shows, beware, these are not real
championships, they are bought pieces of paper and a load of crap. Don't fall for it.
Trust us, they are NOT
superior to anything and they do not show at all in real
. Just because they say AKC does not mean anything. Poor quality,
ignorance abound, bad people producing inferior Great Danes, choose wisely. Watch
out for their Facebook pages too.
New warning, idiots are mixing Danes and Mastiffs
together, do not buy a Daneiff you will get the worst of both breeds in traits and
health! Just dogs for dollars, do not support these idiots!

Finding A Great Dane Puppy In The Inland Northwest  

A backyard breeder is a below average pet owner that breeds dogs for the simple
reason to make money. Their dogs are not to the AKC standard for that breed and
they have no intentions of being responsible. They love to tell the story of how
knowledgeable they are, and give detailed reasons for why they are breeding what
they are breeding. Impressive? No, just exceptionally ignorant.

The backyard breeders in this area are abundant, they are like an infestation of
parasites and not just in Great Danes. So willing to take your hard earned money and
hand you off a poor quality puppy, that if your lucky may have some resemblance to a
Great Dane, maybe. They love to breed Danes just for the sake of breeding Danes,
no strategy, no true knowledge, their dogs might be registered with the AKC or worse
yet some other registry. They breed just because the have a registered purebred -
regardless of whether or not the dog is a good representative, they have no real
grasp of what the breed standard is and what it stands for. They just produce
puppies, to sell of course, because that is what it really is about, the money. They do
not care about the future of the breed itself, if they did they would not be producing
the puppies that they are, instead they would be educating themselves by seeking a
mentor who is a reputable AKC show breeder and a member of a Dane club. Going
to dog shows, AKC dog shows, learning, watching, talking to the breeders and
handlers. This takes effort, much more than the backyard breeders are willing to put
forth. Quite often backyard breeders breed Danes with terrible faults, breeding Danes
that look like lab crosses or greyhound crosses, poor top lines, poor heads etc. The
list is endless. Here are their excuses, "We are breeding a rainbow litter" (whoa, stay
far away from that one people), "We only breed pet quality not show quality". "We
wanted a puppy just like the Mom". "We believe our dogs have great temperaments
and good mental health". The list could go on but whats the point. They are backyard
breeders, puppy millers and have no business owning any intact Danes ever.

They love to advertise themselves as "our dogs don't live in kennels and are a big part
of our family", we show our dogs (In what?), (No they do not show their dogs, they
couldn't even make it in a AKC ring, and I have never seen any of them at our AKC
dog shows at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds in May for the Spokane Kennel
Club dog shows). They boast about temperament and health, yet have no clue what
the OFA is, part Euro ( the Euro's who are not professionally bred have many issues
and most around here cannot pass an OFA hip certification). What we love to laugh at
the most is how they will sell "show potential" Danes to show homes, what a load of
BS, IF you do not have years of experience in showing Danes, you cannot be
qualified to sell show quality Danes because you haven't any clue as to what show
quality is. It is not just coloring, there are many factors that must be put together prior
to claiming a puppy is show potential. I have seen the Danes sold locally here, I either
feel like laughing or crying, usually a combo of both because of the poor horrible
quality. These people will also mix color breed to produce colors that are mis marks
and then charge you a fortune for them. There is absolutely no reason to cross color

Now we do have what we refer to as "Show Mills", these are show people who show
their dogs in AKC conformation dog shows and have champions, but they mill out
puppies constantly. ASK how many litters are produced a year.

Please see
The Great Dane Club of America color code of ethics for correct colors to
be bred to each other. They breed two AKC dogs to produce more AKC dogs and
charge way too much for these dogs offspring, when in fact the two dogs they are
breeding should be spayed or neutered. Never are they ever even close the Great
Dane Standard, which is what a Great Dane should look like derived by the GDCA
and supported by the AKC. So, if your planning to buy a puppy, have questions about
the breeder you chose, please e mail us and we will happily tell you to either buy or to
keep looking and give you referrals to a reputable breeder. Best rule of thumb, if they
are not a member of a Great Dane Club do not buy from them.

Below are areas to be aware of in the Spokane vicinity when your looking for a Dane
puppy. If you are interested in a Dane in one of these areas, make sure they are a
member of a Great Dane Club, either Western WA, or Willamette Valley Great Dane
Club of Oregon. If they are not members, please do not further the problem by
supporting their bad breeding practices, walk away and buy from a reputable show
breeder / club member who is honest.

These are areas near Spokane for bad breeders, non reputable breeders and
backyard breeders.
Spokane WA, Airway Heights WA, Medical Lake WA, Cheney WA, Spokane Valley
WA, 9 Mile Falls WA, Liberty Lake WA, Deer Park WA, Tyler WA,  Deep Creek WA,
Newport WA, Wenatchee WA, this list will be updated as more appear.

Also Idaho listings, Post Falls Idaho, Hayden Lake Idaho, Coeur D'Alene Idaho,
Bonners Ferry ID, Sandpoint ID area, Priest River ID area,
including Western Montana.